Silent Disco Beach Party

Silent Disco Beach Party

Prepare yourself for a night of fun, entertainment & of a seriously good music battle, look no further than Zante’s Silent Disco Beach Party. Two top DJs will go head-to-head throughout the night competing for your attention – you will have the power of changing the channel to find out which rhythm suits your taste the most.

Once you step inside the venue, it’s time for you to hit the dance floor and drop all barriers. Loosen up them lungs & let your body move with the beat!

As you take off your headphones you will hear the crowd erupt to that old school banger or maybe watch & join every-one doing the Macarena.

Make the most of your night with the added extra of free entrance into the Sizzle Club after the event for all silent ravers to carry on the party, until the early hours.




30 June






El Paradiso

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